Friday, July 2, 2010

CCDBT does not care about your children

For those parents looking for help regarding their children the The Center for Cognitive and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (CCDBT) is not the place for them. Some schools are recommending them instead of private therapists but they use unlicensed therapists and it's nothing more than a business that preys on parents looking to help their children. My daughter went there when she was having issues with going to school do to bullying by other students. We explained that it will be difficult to get her there since she was very depressed. During the sign up process everyone at CCDBT assured my wife and me that they would be flexible and patient. Once they got my credit card that all changed. They quickly charged $755 to my credit card for a month in advance and when my daughter had to re schedule they did it but neglected to inform my wife that they were charging for the rescheduled session. When I questioned them as to why they are charging their attitude changed. They started quoting their policy of 24 hour cancellation. When I challenged them by saying we were told this would not happen and they agreed to be flexible their response was "we are a business and we are here to make money" For any parent thinking about taking their child here please think again. CCDBT is a scam set up to take advantage of parents trying to help their children.


  1. blood thirsty whores.
    inprofessional. only care about money. the children get nothing out of them
    reported to professionaln ethics

  2. I have to strongly disagree with barely-escaped and Greta.
    My son who suffers from depression and self injurious behavior has done remarkably. He sees a psychologist(PHD) one on one and is in group with us (his parents). In addition I have(father) have benefited from the group therapy. No they are not cheap but worth every cent. The staff is helpful and courtious and all policies are addressed prior to starting therapy. Many therapists charge for missed sessions and are allowed to be compensated for their time reagardlessly of services performed. Our child has not missed one session ( group or individual ) as it trumps other activities he may have. BTW they have changed sessions for us in advance if there was a conflict at NO CHARGE. If an individual has a gripe spouting false hoods under the cowardice of anonymity should come forward so their issues can be resolved non the less challenged.

  3. I am very unhappy with them but unfortunately my child has started seeing a therapist for about a month and is assigned to a therapist who is expected to be out on maternity leave in less than two months. The problem? We were not informed about it until my child told me a few days ago. It is extremely unethical and unprofessional that they withheld such important information from the parent. The therapist's excuse; "Oh I told your child and she is ok with it" Really?? So you think that gives you the right to withheld information from the parent? And my child is at such vulnerable stage where she was admitted twice to the hospital in the past 6 months. I expect them to handle this professionally and switch her to a therapist with more stable schedule, someone who will not see a new patient for two months then be out for at least two months afterward. I also expect them to give us credit from the sessions she was seen with the very pregnant therapist that I didn't know about.